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King of The World.

‘King of the World’ follows Bob and S.K., two hapless aliens, stranded in space just outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Stumbling upon Earth’s late-night Television. While watching a diet of old 50’s Sci-fi movies and national talent shows Bob becomes convinced Earth needs to be ruled by a higher life-form, and he’s the alien for the job. With this in mind, both he and S.K. set out to crown Bob king. However, the duo isn’t the brightest or most gifted of aliens and soon decides to adopt a new strategy. S.K. suggests a plan that meets Bob’s approval a less ambitious plan, more suited to their intelligence and resources.


The plan involves becoming King of something a lot smaller and working their way up the ladder. To the dim-witted duo, this seems a good idea, and with that, our heroes set off to claim the blue planet below. Their adventures center around becoming King of something a little less taxing like “The King of Rock and Roll’ or the ‘King of the Road’. In true talent show style and with every failed attempt, the list grows, as Bob desperately yearns to be crowned King of something... ...anything!

King of the World Bible
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